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    As per Wikipedia Veganism is both the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. A follower of either the diet or the philosophy is known as a Vegan. Distinctions are sometimes made between several categories of veganism. Dietary vegans (or strict vegetarians) refrain from consuming animal products, not only meat but also eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived substances. We offer Vegan Food online through our secured online store with either Free deliveries in most of NSW or discounted delivery options across Australia.

    Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that is one of the best meat substitutes Used by Vegans all over the world. It’s been used in Asia as a meat substitute for ages.  This meat alternative is not only impressive for its meat-like texture but also for its flavour absorption capabilities. The fact that jackfruit is an unprocessed, whole food, is powerful because it will finally tackle the problem some of the other mock meat options face: allergies After all, how many people have you encountered that avoid tofu because it’s made of soy, or stay away from seitan because it is a gluten nightmare? While these protein options definitely provide nutrition and have been used widely in the plant-based food world, the rise of the jackfruit would mean the emergence of another clean alternative meat. If you are searching for Vegan food in Australia, you have come to the right place as we have different vegan food can be used as snacks, a full meal or even as a healthy breakfast. We are committed to bring more of such healthy and quality vegan food as well as traditional food products.

    Veganism is getting more popular in Australia and vegan community is growing in much faster in recent years.  The major challenge for Australians is the availability of variety of vegan food. MyBee Australia is one of the leading online store providing plenty of vegan food options through its online store in Australia.


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    Steamed & Dried Jackfruit

    From $7.79 / 200g
    Buy 2 for $7.79 each
    This can be used to make delicious Jack Fruit based dishes. As teamed and Dried, this is quicker in rehydrating and comes back almost the original smell and taste. This is also best vegan food as a meat replacement to make Jack Fruit Burger tasting like Pulled Pork. Please see details for the picture and recipe.
    200g when soaked in water yields 500g+ of ready to cook Jack Fruit (can make about 2.5 standard dishes).
    To make this ready to cook, soak 200g in 1 Liter of boiled water for just 30minutes and steam it for 5 minutes or two until you can feel it softer for your need.

    Dried Jackfruit

    From $5.00 / 250g
    Buy 4 or more for $5 each. Buy 2 for $6 each.
    There is a new type which is faster in cooking. We recommend Steamed and Dried Jackfruit

    This product is on big sale now which will not be considered for the shipping discounts. So you may find shipping charges when having this along with other products
    250g when soaked in water yields 750g+ of peeled ready to cook Jack Fruit (can make about 4 standard dishes).
    Check details below to learn more about this product.

    JackFruit Chips

    From $5.69 / 150g
    Buy two for $5.79 each, buy 4 for $5.69 each
    This is selected quality JackFruit Bulbs cut and fried in rice bran oil. This tastes great and is a great snack

    Dried Ripe Jackfruit

    From $5.75 / 150g
    150g is equivalent to 600g or more of the original fruit. This is a ready to eat healthy food which can served as a snack. Buy 2 for $5.80 each, Buy 4 for $5.75 each

    Dried Ripe Plantain

    From $5.75 / 150g
    Buy two for $5.89 each, Buy 4 for $5.75 each Dried Ripe Plantain: This dried ripe plantain is very sweet and ready to eat which is nutrient rich and a healthy snack. Olden days this is given to kids as means for energy and nutrients and is good for anyone to feel good anytime as a snack.  This is cut into full round small length pieces to get the feel and use easily. Compared to frozen food which looses 70% of nutrients, dried food looses maximum of 5% only. So dried food is the best alternative after the original form.
    It takes about 600g of ripe plantain to get 150g of dried pack. This is very addicting by its sweetness with the nostalgic smell and feel of original fruit .
    Studies show both bananas and plantains help boost the immune system, regulate digestion and are potassium-rich foods. But the benefits of plantains don’t stop there, which is why you can’t go wrong with this banana doppelgänger. More details