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    Are you wondering what is the importance of traditional products?
    The younger generation may not really understand what is a traditional product? and why would someone go after it?
    Or why would an online store promote traditional products?

    YES, we love traditional products and we want this online platform to promote the use of traditional products just because we know how good they are and they have evolved and is there for a purpose.

    The traditional products are eveolved out of a cultre, carrying lots of the cultural essence, taste of life, the need for many difficult times passed on to generations, ingredients for health, concept of not to waste food, teach us the importance of making quality food and consuming them, give us a chance to learn and enjoy cooking, bringing past in the present and reminding of the heritage thus enlighting us of the path, we have travelled.

    We have made this platform in such a way that, if you have a good traditional food, you can sell with us easily with no hassles of running a business. You can understand that running a business is not just about setting it up. Irrespective of whether it is a shop or an online store, you need constant maintenance, marketing, resource, legal aspects to be folowed and over all being responsible for many issues that can come across especially when it is a food busines. 

    Here we will take care of the complete aspects for you. You just need to signup as a vendor and give us the details of the products. Once we are happy with its quality, presentation and after checking the legal aspects to sell in Australia, we wil list them and there you start selling. When you sell and make money, only thenb you will give us a small percentage as our fees. So it is as simple as that the fees comes out of your profitit in selling your product with us. 

    We belive that before we can ask others to use our platfoirm and sell traditional proiducts, we must be an example for it. That is why we have our own products available in the store.

    The Beef Curry Pickle, available in our store is the great example for such traditional product. It is great in taste, great in quality and the best is NO Preservatives. With the strict meat import laws in Australia, this is 100% Made in Australia keeping 100% traditional style and taste which can be enjoyed with any type of dish.

    Stay tuned for more news!....

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