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Flax Seeds | 1.5Kg | Discounted Shipping

Certified Organic Flax Seeds.
Contains Omega-3, Iron and Potassium. Good source of Magnesium. Health star 5 rating
From $20.19

Black Rice | 1.25Kg | Discounted Shipping

Organic Black Rice.
Black Rice has a delicious nutty taste, magical aromas and superior health benefits that make it a new alternative to white and brown rice. Buy Forbidden Black Rice today!
From $14.89
Paleo Granola

Paleo Granola | 1Kg | Discounted Shipping

Good for your Gut Health
Organic Paleo Granola in delicious bounty of oven roasted coconut, sunflower and pumpkin kernels, golden flaxseed, almonds, blended with goji berries and tart cherries with 50% prebiotic nuts and seeds
From $26.49
Australian Chickpeas

Australian Chickpeas | 3 Kg | Discounted Shipping

Chickpeas, Australian Grown
From $15.59
Organic Red Lentils

Organic Red Split Lentil | 3 Kg | Discounted Shipping

Certified Organic Red Split Lentils.
From $17.49
Australian Hemp Seeds

Australian Hemp Seeds | 800g | Discounted Shipping

Australian Hulled Hemp Seeds. Rich in Omega 3& 6, Anti Oxidants and Plant Protein.
From $29.99