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    Dried Ripe Jackfruit

    From $5.75 / 150g
    150g is equivalent to 600g or more of the original fruit. This is a ready to eat healthy food which can served as a snack. Buy 2 for $5.80 each, Buy 4 for $5.75 each

    Dried Ripe Plantain

    From $5.75 / 150g
    Buy two for $5.89 each, Buy 4 for $5.75 each Dried Ripe Plantain: This dried ripe plantain is very sweet and ready to eat which is nutrient rich and a healthy snack. Olden days this is given to kids as means for energy and nutrients and is good for anyone to feel good anytime as a snack.  This is cut into full round small length pieces to get the feel and use easily. Compared to frozen food which looses 70% of nutrients, dried food looses maximum of 5% only. So dried food is the best alternative after the original form.
    It takes about 600g of ripe plantain to get 150g of dried pack. This is very addicting by its sweetness with the nostalgic smell and feel of original fruit .
    Studies show both bananas and plantains help boost the immune system, regulate digestion and are potassium-rich foods. But the benefits of plantains don’t stop there, which is why you can’t go wrong with this banana doppelgänger. More details

    JackFruit Chips

    From $5.69 / 150g
    Buy two for $5.79 each, buy 4 for $5.69 each
    This is selected quality JackFruit Bulbs cut and fried in rice bran oil. This tastes great and is a great snack

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