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Do what your heart says, Be your own Boss

If you have some spare time to do your passion and thinking that you can find someone to buy the stuff you make.

It can be anything from the vegetables from your back yard or authentic non-perishable food from your native.

Joinig MyBee for free for up to twenty products and there is no contracts. Spent the time on your passion and we will do the rest.

Turn your Hobby or leisure time to an extra income

Be your own boss, do your passion on your free time and get extra income. Join us free (up to twenty products) and there is no ongoing fees, we charge you (up to 20% of the sale cost, excluding delivery) only on the sales you make. So you pay only when you make money.  

You can set up a pick up point at your address and let customers pickup or do the delivery on your convenient time or use MyBee provided delivery options which may cost you or the customers additional.

What is our expectation / Where to start?

We are looking for passionate people who can spend time to do something they like . To register as a vendor in MyBee Australia you need to have an Australian Business Number.

If you do not have an ABN, it is an easy process as few clicks away at the site Apply for ABN. Once you have the ABN please register with MyBee and apply as a vendor giving us the ABN details. Or Contact us so we can guide you.

What you can expect from us?

We will take care of the online platform, supporting and maintenance, marketing, coordinating to put things together, connects the dot between vendor and customer and deliveries and assistance on anything for you as a vendor to sell your products. 

MyBee Australia is looking for entrepreneurs like you to join where you can forget about all back end expenses and hassles in going online. We will take care of website,maintenance and support costs, payment gateways and its difficulties to manage, marketing, technological glitches, import legalities and licenses to run a business.

Once you join us, all you need to do is to concentrate on selling and procure quality products to your online store !!!

To join us, please register/use facebook or google account to login using the link Register with MyBee and apply for a vendor using the link Apply as Vendor

If you want us to contact you to discuss further, please send an email email us

Let us work together to get our comunity products a wider audience. Like Bee's, together we make this.