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Several studies have reported various types of health benefits of jackfruit.

It aids in digestion because it is rich in fibre, its pulp has been found to be useful in boosting the immune system.

Other amazing benefits of Jackfruit are improving thyroid function, anti-cancer benefits, skin and vision improvements, lower blood pressure and yes including its role in the management of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Read More

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Picture of Steamed & Dried Jackfruit

Steamed & Dried Jackfruit

As steamed and dried, this product is quicker in re-hydrating and comes back almost the original smell and taste. This can be used to make delicious Jack Fruit based dishes. This is also best vegan food as a meat replacement for various recipes, including Jack Fruit Burger, which tastes like pulled pork. Please see details for the picture and recipe.
200g when soaked in water yields 500g+ of ready to cook Jack Fruit (can make about 2.5 standard dishes).
To make this ready to cook, soak 200g in 1 Liter of boiled water for just 30minutes and steam it for 5 minutes or two until you can feel it softer for your need.
From $6.72
Picture of Dried Jackfruit

Dried Jackfruit

We recommend Steamed and Dried Jackfruit ,a new type which is faster in cooking.

This product is on big sale now which will not be considered for the shipping discounts. So you may find shipping charges when having this along with other products
250g when soaked in water yields 750g+ of peeled ready to cook Jack Fruit (can make about 4 standard dishes).
Check details below to learn more about this product.
From $4.49
Picture of JackFruit Chips

JackFruit Chips

This is selected quality JackFruit Bulbs cut and fried in rice bran oil. This tastes great and is a great snack
From $4.37
Picture of Ripe JackFruit Chips

Ripe JackFruit Chips

This is selected quality Ripe JackFruit, cut and fried in rice bran oil. This tastes great and sweet and is a nice snack for any time.
From $4.64
Picture of Dried Ripe Jackfruit

Dried Ripe Jackfruit

150g is equivalent to 600g or more of the original fruit. This is a ready to eat healthy food which can served as a snack.
From $4.75
Picture of Jackfruit Thera

Jackfruit Thera

A sweet ready to eat item made using ripe Jackfruit
From $4.75