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Hemp Protein

Raw Hemp Seed Protein | 250g | Discounted Shipping

A high quality, protein powder containing a minimum of 40% highly digestible protein.
100% Australian hemp seed protein powder
From $15.99
Hemp Seed Crumble

Roasted Hemp Seed Crumble | 150g | Discounted Shipping

Flavoursome, nutty Hemp Seed crumble which can be used across a vast array of dishes
100% Australian hemp seed
From $13.49
Roasted Hemp Seed Dukkah

Roasted Hemp Seed Dukkah | 150g | Discounted Shipping

Home-made dukkah featuring Roasted Hemp Seed Crumble.
100% Australian hemp seed
From $13.49
Hemp Hearts

Raw Hemp Hearts | 250g | Discounted Shipping

Hemp hearts are the creamy, cashewy inner core of the hemp seed.
100% Australian hemp
From $15.99
Hemp Seed Oil

Raw Hemp Seed Oil | 250ml | Discounted Shipping

Hemp seed oil is suited to many of our daily requirements.
100% Australian hemp
From $15.99